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Mums and bubs fitness. VitalSelf is focussed on motivating you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. We strive to provide the highest quality service in a safe, controlled & enjoyable environment.

VitalSelf caters for all fitness levels, including diabetes and multiple sclerosis. We ensure you have structure & variety in your training so you continue to perform at your best. We will challenge all your major muscle groups to improve your strength and cardiovascular capacity in a balanced workout, and will closely monitor your technique to eliminate injury and to achieve the desired results. With the resultant increase in lean muscle mass, your metabolism will naturally increase, burning increased calories and burning fat.

Body & Baby is a fitness programme designed specifically for mums-to-be or for new mums. It is important for the mum-to-be to keep fit during pregnancy and research shows the baby also benefits whilst in the womb. After working with many pre natal ladies, I realised there was not a programme to help them regain fitness after having their baby. Getting your body back is an important focus for new mums, and our programme will focus on regaining your core strength as well as toning your muscles and also regaining your cardiovascular fitness. Mums and bubs fitness. You can bring your bubs with you and they are cared for by the nannies in Centennial Park. Mums and bubs fitness.mums and bubs fitness

Free Training Session*

*Conditions Apply:Trial price is $20 however this is refunded when a pack of 5 sessions is purchased.

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