Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Body and Baby with VitalSelf Fitness specialises in pre and post natal exercise, and this includes Pilates.

It is important for Mums to regain their strength and feel healthier after having their baby. As a result of pregnancy and birth, the body has been through trauma and requires careful strengthening, being aware of pre and post natal issues. Body and Baby is aware of the changes in your body due to pregnancy and birth such as abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic girdle pain (sacroiliac joint pain), pubic symphysis pain and wrist problems. If you suffer from any of these issues we will show you exercises that are safe for your condition– there are safe options for all exercises. As you breastfeed or bottle feed, get up to your baby at night and rock them to sleep again, your posture and energy levels may suffer.   Pilates will help improve your posture, strengthen your muscles and also keep them flexible. Most importantly, we can help retrain your pelvic floor and regain your core strength in a safe and controlled manner. You will feel like a new, strong, happy and healthy person, full of energy! A New You!

Our Pilates classes will also assist and encourage you to become aware of your body after the changes due pregnancy and birth, as we explain how the body has changed due to certain influences. We will also assist you to be aware of the new demands put on your body and how to manage them in everyday life to prevent injury.

During your pregnancy it is equally important to look after your body – you need the strength to get through the labour, and then also a strong recovery as you care for your new bundle of joy. Pilates will help you achieve these. It will encourage good posture, focus on pelvic floor strength, and maintain strong muscles, yet flexible, in a safe way.

Private or Group Home Visits

After just having had a baby you will no doubt find it difficult to find the time to get out of the house. And when you start work again you will treasure the time to yourself and your baby without interruption.

So for your convenience, to assist you to work around feed and sleep times, to save you time packing up your baby and your bags and to save travel time, our Pilates class will come to your home.

Get your friends or your Mothers Group together. You can all improve your core strength, improve your posture and strengthen your muscles in a safe and friendly home environment.

Group Classes at Home (3-5 people, 1 hour, paid upfront, 24 hour cancellation)

5 Classes - $150pp

Casual Class - $38

Private Classes at Home (1 hour, 24 hour cancellation)

$90 per class

5 Classes - $425 paid upfront

Semi Private Classes at Home (2 people, 1 hour, 24 hour cancellation)

$50pp per class

5 Classes - $45pp paid upfront

OPEN GROUP CLASS – Come and join our group in Paddington

Wednesdays 11am

5 pack - $165

10 pack - $310

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