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Mums and Bubs Fitness Centennial Park

Welcome to Body and Baby Mums and Bubs Group Fitness - a post natal fitness programme designed to gradually re-build your core strength and your fitness, being mindful of the changes to your body due to pregnancy and childbirth. With a special interest in pre natal and post natal exercise, and trained and experienced in developing fitness programmes for ladies of all fitness levels, we are aware of health issues specifically related to post natal exercise. You can train safely with Body and Baby

Being a Mums and Bubs fitness session, importance is placed on rehabilitating your core muscles. It is important to diagnose any abdominal separation before embarking on a fitness programme as a new Mum, and we will assess this for you at your first fitness session. We will gradually rebuild your core, ensuring you are sufficiently strong before you go the next level. We will also determine any pelvic girdle pain or public symphysis, and any pelvic floor weakness, at your first session.

We will focus on rebuilding your core strength & stability, rebuilding your major muscle strength as well as regaining your cardiovasclar fitness. The hormone relaxin which is present during pregnancy and breastfeeding relaxes your ligaments and creates joint instability. We need to be mindful of this whilst training so as not to damage any joints. Approximately 40% of each fitness session is concentrated on rehabilitatnig your core strength, combined with strengthening your large muscles such as your chest, back, bum and thighs. There is a small amount of running during the session, and if you have pelvic instability / pevlic girdle pain, pubic symphysis or pelvic floor issues after the birth it is advisable not to run. Alternative exercises will be given to anyone who cannot run due to medical reasons, or who doesn't like running. Mums and Bubs Fitness Centennial Park. Your cardiovascular system will still get a great workout with the major muscle exercises, and also with boxing - which is lots of fun and great for your fitness. There are always varying options for all exercises in case of injury or weakness to a specific muscle/joint. Mums and Bubs Fitness Rushcutters Bay.

Group size is limited to approximately 8 as we aim to can concentrate on each participant, prescribing the correct exercises for you and ensuring correct technique to avoid injury.

We do understand that your body has been through some trauma recently, and we will gradually increase each ladies' fitness according to individual issues. We believe variety and intensity in a fitness session is important. There is no point doing the same exercises day in, day out - your body will know how much energy it needs to expend! This is where the variety is important - if you keep your your body guessing as to what it will be doing next, it will need to work harder. Variety also keeps you interested and challenged! We will challenge you to do the best you can, but in a safe environment. Mums and Bubs Fitness Centennial Park.

With a Certificate in Nutrition, and a Certificate in Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation, we can also guide you on nutrition - which is vital to weight loss, and your and your baby's health.

As a Mum, you are no doubt running the household, with the majority of your day doing the little things for everyone else that keeps them happy. You should take this opportunity to have some 'you' time in the fresh air - clear your head, make friends and increase your support group, and develop a healthy lifestyle and outlook. Come along a little early to get the little ones settled in and comfortable with the nanny and surroundings. You won't be too far away from your baby, and you are free to check with them at any time. Mums and Bubs Fitness Centennial Park.

Knowing that Mums have 'bad' nights, Body & Baby is flexible with attendance, as long as you realise that results come with consistent training. If you do have a bad night and are not able to bring yourself to train, that session will not be taken out of your pack of sessions. You should also realise that the more you train, the more energy you will have during the day - you'll feel great when you finish your session!

See our Timetable for current sessions or get your Mum's Group together for some fitness & fun at a time convenient to you.

Going back to work? You can join one of our other group fitness sessions!