Prenatal Fitness Sydney

prenatal rushcutters bayWelcome to Body & Baby Mums To Be - prenatal fitness Sydney. Maintaining fitness during pregnancy is important for both mum and bub. Keeping both your muscle strength and cardiovascular strength is important during pregnancy. There is research showing that keeping fit during pregnancy will help you through your pregnancy and birth and will assist in a quicker recovery and weight loss after the birth. It will also help your baby during the birth.

With a special interest in pre and post natal exercise, we are trained and experienced in developing fitness programmes from conception right up to your due date, and then again after your baby is born See Post Natal Fitness

Train safely with Body & Baby. We are aware of health issues specifically related to pregnancy and pregancy and exercise. We can modify each exercise for each individual if you have issues which may include pelvic instability / pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis, abdominal separation or other pregnancy related issues. Being able to prescribe the correct exercises for each individual ensures safe exercise for both mum and bub.

As you become larger and heavier through your pregnancy, we will continually adjust your exercise programme according to how you are feeling and any health issues which may develop. When you feel it best for you, you will begin to use a fitball for your exercises. The fitball still allows you to maintain or improve both cardiovascular fitness and strength, while it creates a support for your pelvic floor and skeletal system.pre natal fitness rushcutters bay

We will encourage you to work to the best of your ability, with safety of utmost importance.

With a Certificate in Nutrition, and Certificate in Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation, we can also guide you on nutrition. Correct nutrition during pregnancy is important in order to keep your weight to a recommended level during pregnancy, and also to ensure bothmum and bub are receiving the correct nutrients. Nutrition post natally is equally important for both mum and bub's health.

As a Mum To Be, you can join the Body and Baby Mums and Bubs group fitness sessions currently running (see Timetable), get another friend or two together for a training session, or take on a personal training session.

Group size is limited to approximately 8 participants as we aim to concentrate on each individual, whilst training in a group situation. We will be able to adjust your exercise programme even in a group fitness session.

pre natal fitness centennial parkWe will maintain and aim to increase both your musclular and cardiovascular fitness as both are important during pregnancy and birth, for both mum and bub. Prenatal fitness Centennial Park.

As with any form of fitness or activity, exercising during pregnancy is important for both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you are feeling fit and happy during your pregnancy you will be able to get through each day better up until the birth, and your recovery and energy levels afterwards will be much improved. Prenatal fitness Centennial Park.

SKYPE - train. As there is a specific certificate required to become a pre-natal fitness instructor, there are limited coaches. You can SKYPE-train with Body & Baby. Get your computer linked onto Skype (it's free) and then you can train in your own home via Skype. Whilst giving you detailed instructions, I will be able to do the exercises with you, ensuring your posture and technique are good! Prenatal fitness Centennial Park.

Enjoy this special time of your life - in a fit and healthy way!