Corporate Fitness Programs

VitalSelf Health and Wellness believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Translating this into the business world, this leads to a healthy and happy workforce and more alert and productive staff.

The recent increase in sick leave and decrease in productivity as a result of stress related illnesses due to work pressures is costing companies millions of dollars. In the corporate arena, we see time and time again the number of people not taking a lunch break – either due to their perceived lack of time or the perception to their colleagues that they are not working hard enough. Time deadlines are becoming more important than our health and well-being.

Tradesmen are also less productive as a result of mental stress related to work, and they are also more susceptible to physical injuries as they fatigue from work pressures. Ensuring tradesmen are fit and healthy gives the same result as in the corporate arena – workers are more productive and less injuries occur as a result of improved fitness and well-being.

Many businesses are suffering due to this loss of productivity and increased employee absenteeism. Continually working under stress can lead to mental health issues which can develop into more serious disorders resulting in a greater period of absenteeism from the workplace.

What are the benefits of implementing a Health and Wellness Programme?

Implementing a Health and Wellness Programme will benefit both the company and the individual. Undertaking a programme will assist in the prevention of health issues of staff, thus aiming to alleviate any associated costs to the company.


The benefits of a health and wellness programme for the company include:

  • improved staff morale as the staff come together outside the work environment
  • improved relationships between all levels of staff
  • staff will be more motivated to produce better results
  • a happier, more integrated workforce
  • increased productivity of individual members
  • decreased sick leave
  • decreased absenteeism
  • improved work culture within the company
  • increased productivity within the company as a whole.

A more profitable company will result!

The benefits of a health and wellness programme for the individual include:

  • improved fitness and cardiovascular health leading to increased energy
  • improved muscle tone and flexibility
  • decreased stress levels and thus greater mental capacity
  • happier in their persona
  • more relaxed
  • increased concentration and thus increased productivity
  • increased motivation due to their new found energy and work environment
  • generally a healthier psychological wellness.

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