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Group Fitness Centennial Park

Train with a Buddy and pay mates rates only.

Training with another person, whether a friend, colleague or stranger, creates a natural level of competition which makes you work harder & achieve results more quickly. VitalSelf will determine the fitness levels of each individual and then develop a programme suitable for the needs of both of you.

This is a great way to increase your fitness while sharing the cost with a buddy who will encourage you through the session. You'll increase your fitness with fun. Enquire now !

Small Group Personal Training - multiply the motivation

Small Group Personal Training can multiply the your motivation. Be motivated by the group to train hard and achieve your fitness goals.

In a group of 4 or more, VitalSelf will ensure the needs of each individual are met, so everyone will improve all aspects of their fitness.

You will still challenge your major muscle groups and cardiovascular fitness while getting a balanced workout with a bit of fun too!

Home Programme

Are you motivated but just need a little guidance? Or short on time and want to train according to your lifestyle?

After an initial consultation to determine your current fitness level and goals, VitalSelf will develop a monthly fitness programme to enable you to progress your fitness and achieve results in your own time. We will adjust the programme monthly to ensure you continue to challenge yourself, group fitness Centennial Park. Free internet support is included to answer your questions! Enquire now!

Group Fitness Centennial Park