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Personal Training Centennial Park

Personal Training Centennial Park is just that - just you and the trainer focussing on your goals.

Gain the benefits of personal attention from your trainer, and let VitalSelf motivate you to reach your full potential.

Haven't exercised for a long time? Don't be afraid. We will gradually build your fitness level, keeping in mind any old injuries you may have and also the initial psychological barriers many people need to overcome to change their lifestyle and start on the way to fitness and health!

We will develop a fitness programme designed specifically for you, to suit your fitness level, to assist you to reach your fitness goals. With a Certificate in Nutrition, we will also guide you on your nutrition plan, thus enhancing your weight loss and health. Contact us to arrange your first personal training session, Personal Training Centennial Park.

As your fitness improves, VitalSelf will modify your programme to ensure you work to your full capacity and achieve your best.

You will need to complete a pre exercise questionnaire before starting your programme and your fitness progress will be assessed every 8 weeks