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Pilates was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, who was a well known physical trainer. He developed pilates as a form of exercise and body conditioning to improve strength, posture and flexibility, without building bulk. Pilates is a low impact body conditioning and stretching workout which is designed to improve muscle strength and flexibility, and improve posture. It is a great all body workout resulting in slimmer and longer muscles.

Pilates strengthens the whole body, particularly concentrating on core muscles, upper and lower back and buttocks. By strengthening these muscles, we will reduce the chances of back injury and thus back pain, improve your posture and improve muscle tone. By practising pilates, you will increase awareness of your breathing and spine and how you move in everyday life, enabling your body to perform at its optimum level with reduced risk of injury.

With this improved fitness, you will be stronger in your day to day activities, and due to the concentration on each specific muscle group, you will also become aware of how each muscle works, improving your muscle balance and postural control.

Pilates is great to help relieve stress. Due to the concentration required to perform each exercise correctly, and the concentration on correct breathing, your mind does not have time to flip back to your work or the chores you have not done. Your pilates class will assist you to concentrate on you for that period of time - a great way to relieve stress. You will finish your pilates class like a new person - taller, stronger in the body and stronger in the mind.

Watch your stomach flatten and become more toned, feel yourself grow taller as your posture improves, love the reduced back and neck pain, and feel your stress levels decrease and your energy levels increase.

Put all the above benefits of pilates together, and you will enhance your overall health and well being.

The group classes are designed to be suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. All exercises can be modified in case of injury and physical conditions. Pilates is ideal for people with injuries, weak muscles and bad posture as it assists you to strengthen your problem areas in a low impact environment. It is advisable that anyone with serious injuries or medical concerns consults their doctor or physio prior to doing any classes.