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Change Your Lifestyle Habits and Improve Your Wellbeing

Feeling stressed? Lacking motivation? Overwhelmed? Or just caught in a rut?

Do you want to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing but find excuses as to why you can’t change your habits?

Do you know what you want but not quite sure how to actually go about it or achieve it?

Why COMPLETE Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching? COMPLETE Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching will assist you to gain complete mental and physical health to enable you to become the best person you choose to be. By assessing your current lifestyle, your eating habits and your exercise levels, we will determine how best to assist you to put strategies in place to counteract barriers that are preventing you getting started on a new journey and creating the future you want.

We can help you to close the gap between what you say you want, and what you actually do. To completely achieve your lifestyle and wellness goals, you cannot rely on only one aspect of your lifestyle to be positive. There are four main aspects of your life you need to consider – your mind, your nutrition, your physical fitness and your stress levels. If one of these aspects is lacking, it will be difficult to achieve an improved lifestyle. Being a certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer (including pre and post natal training) with a Certificate in Nutrition we are able to assist in these important areas of welbeing.

By using a step by step, structured approach COMPLETE Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching will work with you to assist you to overcome your resistance to change and to overcome the obstacles you face that are stopping you from changing your lifestyle and reaching your wellness and lifestyle goals. We will support you in recognising what you would like to achieve and why you would like to achieve it – what your values are. We will then be able to help you to clarify and create a wellness vision to achieve a long lasting positive lifestyle change, and then finally create a plan of action resulting in long term positive outcomes for your life ahead. We will assist you in setting achievable goals, leading to a happier lifestyle.

The COMPLETE Lifestyle and Wellness Programme

The Programme consists of approximately 6 sessions in approximately a 3 month period. The coaching can be delivered face to face, by phone or by skype - whichever is more convenient for the clients. Further coaching can be undertaken if required.

First session (1 hour) - assessing background information, recognising what you would like to achieve and why, and ultimately developing a vision statement and setting achievable weekly goals.

Sessions 2 - 5 (30 minutes) - follow up weekly then fortnightly, assessing goal results, reassessing and developing goals.

Final session (30 minutes) - final follow up session to confirm ongoing confidence and commitment.

The sessions are conducted in a non-threatening manner. You will gain the power so assist you to focus on creating the lifestyle you would like. You will gain the skills necessary to be able to take responsibility and feel more confident as you experience the small successes and ultimately achieve more significant change than you ever thought possible.

Corporate Wellness Programmes - please Contact me for further information for your business

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